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Oy CR-Net Ltd.

CR-Net is a telematic systems integrator, based in Joensuu. CR-Net has built Intranet and Extranet systems for social and health services, as well as tourism. Its references include an Intranet system for organisations and families involved in the care for mentally handicapped children for the Honkalampi Foundation.

Specialized in:
telematic services for the social, health, and tourist sectors

CR-Net has also built an Extranet for tourism services for the Finnish National Tourist Bureau. CR-Net builds most of its services on Lotus Domino technology. It also provides Internet services to its customers. CR-Net employs 10 people and has an expected turnover of 0.5 Meuro in 1999.

Products, projects and services

    Dr. Tuomo Kauranne, CR-Net's Chairman of the Board, was the project manager in a project that acquired the first supercomputer to Finland in 1988, to the Center for Scientific Computing in Espoo.

    Dr. Kauranne has established five spin-off companies so far, specialising in computer vision, remote sensing, and telematic integration techology. The latter activity features Internet, call centre and mobile access techniques, as well as GPS location technology.

Contact information:
Oy CR-Net Ltd.
Dr. Tuomo Kauranne
Niskakatu 1
80100 Joensuu, Finland
Tel.: +358-13-220870
Fax: +358-13-220877

Last update:
Joensuu, Thursday 28th October 1999