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Genias Benelux

Genias Benelux is a computer consultancy and software company, providing solutions, project management and implementation services. The areas of expertise range from High Performance Computing to Internet Web site realization.

Specialized in:
Genias Benelux is specialised in supporting industry and research with products and services in:

  1. HPCN (High-Performance Computing and Networking) software tools and applications support
  2. information services and software

Genias Benelux BV is active in various European countries. It co-operates in and co-ordinates international projects to stimulate the dissemination and application of the latest developments in the high tech computer industry and computer science.

One of the focal points of Genias Benelux is support for meta-computing environments, ranging from small one-site workstation clusters to large complex environments with different architectures. Among the products is Codine/GRD, a job management system developed at Genias Software GmbH and the EROPPA rendering management software. The company works closely together with Genias Software in Germany.

The Primeur news service is the largest European HPCN information source and includes a weekly newsmagazine, and guides to resources and analysis. The "Virtual Medical Worlds Magazine" is an initiative to keep people informed about the latest telemedicine results. The magazine has been conceived as a news site on the Web, appearing on a monthly basis.

Genias Benelux developed and markets an SGML/XML based product, called the Virtual Magazine Publisher (VMP) for managing the editorial and publishing process of magazines and newsletters over the Internet.

Genias Benelux is/was participating in several European Esprit projects: HOISe-NM, EROPPA and DYNAMITE. In HOISE-NM, it was the project managing partner.

Products, projects and services

    Genias Benelux participated in the Esprit project EROPPA. The objective of EROPPA was to design, implement and test experiments of remote/distributed access to 3D graphics applications that run on high performance facilities for the use of Post Production SMEs. Eroppa

    The European Esprit project Dynamite aims to provide the software and the method to let workstations work interactively when needed and to use their spare time for massively parallel computer tasks. To realize this, the workstations have to be monitored constantly and every change in workload will have to result in a different distribution of the computer tasks at hand. Dynamite

    In the information services field, Genias Benelux is involved in several efforts:

    • HPCN news services, the most important one being Primeur Others are the ESIS Euroflash HPCN fax service, and the Dutch Platform HPCN e-mail news service.
    • Medical technology related news services: VMW Magazine and the VMWC Society
    • Producing technology information Web sites: amongst those the Aerospace and Media Web sites of the Esprit HPCN Technology Transfer Nodes.

Contact information:
Genias Benelux BV
Drs. Ad Emmen
James Stewartstraat 248
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31-36-537 3867
Fax: +31-36-537 5002
Web site:

Last update:
Almere, Tuesday 5th October 1999