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GIUNTI Interactive Labs S.r.L.

Interactive Labs S.r.l. (Giunti Publishing Group) is the professional publishing, courseware design and development facility of the Giunti Publishing Group (Giunti), Italian leader in the Educational Publishing sector which ranks among its authors illustrious names in the world of contemporary culture (e.g. Le Goff, Vlad, Bernstein, Rubbia, Rita Levi Montalcini, Calvesi, Lavin, Argan, Dulbecco, Hodgkin, Muti) and Professor A. Ruberti, previous EEC Research Commissioner, as Group President.

Specialized in:
Scientific, Technical and Medical (STM) tele-training is the core business, ranking some of Europe's most relevant training experiences (i.e. the largest steel manufacturing training CD library, the most advanced medical training project BREAKIT, and courseware for Italian industries Iveco, Fiat, GD, ILVA, Ansaldo). Being engaged in the European Working Group for Educational Metadata standardisation and being an active partner of the ARIADNE II Telematics project, GIUNTI Interactive Labs was involved in a number of national and European initiatives in the field of education and training.

Giunti is one of the leading Italian publishers also in the field of art publications, and GIUNTI Ilabs followed the same publishing line, becoming soon the reference Italian digital publisher for cultural products. The following is a short list of GIUNTI Interactive cultural projects:

  • GIUNTI Interactive Labs is co-ordinator of the national project VIRARTIS (Virtual Art Restoration, Conservation and Management Training and Information Network for the Information Society);
  • in synergy with mother Giunti Publishing Group and Editoriale La Repubblica, GIUNTI Interactive Labs started in 1996 an innovative publishing operation in Italian kiosks: the "CD-ROM Arte" collection of multimedia monographs of famous artists. Every two months, the "CD-ROM Arte" sold on average 60,000 copies, each title a best seller, for a total of 15 titles;
  • GIUNTI Ilabs is also present on the Web with one of the most relevant Internet sites dealing with art (the best in Europe according to EUROPE ON LINE in 1998), produced in collaboration with IBM Italia. The address is

Besides several years experience and success stories in the consumer electronic publishing sector (Art, Science, Medical, Technical), Interactive Labs is also active in the design and delivery of distributed interactive multimedia applications for the Professional Market involving large manufacturing enterprises, industries, SMEs, Corporate Image systems, Intranets, Internet, CD Publishing for Decision Support Systems, Interactive catalogues and Computer Based Training Systems, quick references catalogue and maintainance systems using advanced multimedia technologies.

GIUNTI Interactive Labs is one of the first multimedia production companies in Italy and one of the most active on both the Italian and European market. GIUNTI Interactive Labs has, since the beginning, exploited multilingual and multiplatform digital production in Europe, producing one of Europe's widest consumer catalogues (managed by Giunti Multimedia and its distribution branch, Giunti Multimedia Distribuzione) and signing agreements with main distributors and publishers (e.g. Philips, Olivetti, Commodore, EMME, Hachette, Editoriale La Repubblica, Telecom Italia, IBM) producing up to now about 200 interactive multimedia titles. Together with other companies in the Group, GIUNTI Ilabs ranks a wide experience in multimodal and multiformat electronic publishing for the home and school market. Nevertheless, GIUNTI Ilabs has focused on the design and development of software titles for all Giunti companies and for third party companies, either consumer publishers or actors of the professionals sector. Besides such EP services activities, GIUNTI Ilabs is the main reference point within Giunti and main actors in Italy for tele-training and professional EP having technical skills on al market software platforms for CD-Roms, Web and WEBCD authoring, and on research activities in the field of satellite IDL (Interactive Distance Learning), multimedia palmtop computing, largeband Internet.

Giunti has headquarters in Florence, Italy, and its own nation-wide distribution network (over 240 agents, 8250 regularly supplied bookshops, 5000 catalogued titles available with 450 average new titles per year). The Group also owns more than 120 bookstores in the North Eastern part of Italy. The Giunti Group actually accounts for 600 employees, more than 180 million euros consolidated turnover with major shares in 25 companies covering all publishing issues, from copyright clearance to printing and distribution. Some companies cover specific content sectors, such as psychological tests publishing or educational information services. The Giunti Group is also part (one of the three co-ordinators) of the Consortium (TRIO) managing all SME tele-training activities for the Tuscany region in Italy and is managing the network of bookstores and ticket offices in all the Museums of the Region (also including Galleria degli Uffizi, one of the World's most visited museums).

After a thorough analysis about the evolution of traditional publishing towards digital means, the Giunti Publishing Group, first in Italy, has set up in 1992 digital publishing branches in Milan, Florence, Genoa, Varese, and Tortona, respectively dealing with consumer publishing (Giunti Multimedia), tele-training and educational electronic development and publishing (Interactive Labs), on-line and advanced graphics gaming (Game Over and Giunti Entertainment). In 1994 Giunti Publishing Group acquired major shares in Interactive Lab S.r.l. (short name GIUNTI Ilabs), one of the first established (1988) and mostly active interactive multimedia software design and development facilities in Italy and Europe. From 1994 GIUNTI Ilabs has designed and developed more than 100 applications for main industries, SMEs and public bodies in Europe in the fields of:

  • Scientific, Technical, Medical, Education;
  • Industrial Training & Corporate Image;
  • On-line & Off-line Electronic Publishing Services on New Media (WEBCD, DVD, Internet, Intranet, Push Technologies, Streaming Technologies);
  • Information Kiosks.

Today, the Multimedia Companies of the Giunti Group account for more than 10 million euros turnover in 1998 with 30 employees and an average of 70 permanent external consultants from the Publishing Group (Art Directors, Graphic Designers, Content Authors, AudioVisuals Profs, additional programmers). All Giunti Group facilities for authoring, contracting, design, printing and distribution are constantly shared in Giunti Electronic Publishing activities carried forward at GIUNTI Interactive Labs and other electronic companies.

Products, projects and services

    GIUNTI ILabs, together with its publishing group, is well-known at European level, especially in the field of multimedia research & development and professional training, being very active in European Commission projects (in ESPRIT, Telematics Applications, ADAPT, Socrates, Innovation, ACTS, TEN-TELECOM programmes) and activites, such as working groups (PROMETEUS, MEDICI, CEN-ISSS WSLT), conferences (EMMSEC, MILIA, IST), co-ordination meetings and so on, and direct services to EC DGs (i.e. A World of Understanding WEB-CD, PLUS/PROSOMA).

    The project TRIO (Technology, Research and Innovation in Orientation) uses FSE funds to introduce NICT (New Information and Communication Technologies) in the virtual industrial placement and for management of all SME tele-training activities in Tuscany region.

    GIUNTI Ilabs is also involved in the signatory of the MoU for Multimedia Access to Education and Training (PROMETEUS), the signatory of the MEDICI (Multimedia for Education and employment through Integrated Cultural Initiatives) MoU, and the co-ordination or partnership of European projects in the field of education and training, such as WEBS (INFO 2000, medical tele-training), ARIADNE II (TAP, Alliance of remote instructional authoring and distribution networks for Europe), TEST (Esprit, expert training system for electrical installations), and BREAKIT (INFO2000, continuing medical education/training using advanced telematics).

    BREAKIT addresses a new histological and citological slides classification taxonomy developed by Giunti ILABS together with the European Working Group on Breast Cancer Screening (grouping 30 leading European Pathologists funded under the Europe Against programme) together with the British ICR and the Italian IST Cancer Research Institutes. The BreakIT Project is a hybrid multimedia Web-CD application addressing continuous medical education and decision support for European Breast Cancer Pathologists dealing daily with medical imagery for histological and cytological classification and diagnosis purposes. The BreakIT Project has been selected as the best STM (Scientific, Technical and Medical) application submitted under the INFO2000 EC framework (ref. STM 5014) for audiovisual streaming Web and CD tutorials, 3D intercative models and advanced Java based telepathology solutions.

    The BREAKIT project also integrates achievements of the Esprit IMDEX project (ESPRIT 23011) for intelligent medical imagery recognition (applied to cytological imagery) on the basis of which GIUNTI Ilabs has ongoing talks to consider participation to 5th framework R&D projects.

Contact information:
GIUNTI Interactive Labs S.r.l.
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Via al Ponte Calvi, 3/15
16124 Genova, Italy
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