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Innovart S.A.

Innovart SA is a dynamic and innovative player in the European multimedia, Internet and 3D animation market providing a wide range of services. It employs highly specialised personnel in computer science and engineering, human computer interaction, advertising, graphic design and 3D animation, and also maintains collaborations with experts from diverse domains such as psychology, archaeology, history of art, education, art and film direction. Innovart S.A. has established a network of collaborations in key areas including CD replication and packaging, printing shops and Web hosting. It was founded in 1998 and is based in Maroussi, a suburb of Athens, Greece.

Specialized in:
Innovart S.A. specialises in multimedia applications of emerging Information and Communication Technologies in culture, education and training, advertising, tourism and business.

A selected list of customers and projects includes:

  • The Greek Ministry of Education special school Internet-based databank and distance learning facility (on-going project with European Dynamics S.A. in Maroussi, Greece, and the National Technical University of Athens)
  • The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Web site at to promote Greece abroad is still under development
  • CD-ROM for the Greek Ministry of Press
  • The European Technology Transfer Network, a project nearing completion, in collaboration with European Dynamics S.A.
  • The EU Publishers' Forum Web site at
  • The EC One Stop Internet Shop for Business at
  • The University of Indianapolis in Athens CD-ROM catalogue and Web site at
  • IT consulting for the Benaki Museum including the development of the museum's forthcoming on-line shop
  • The Hellenic American Union Web site at
  • The Web site of the Tomatis Internationale Audio-Psycho-Phonology Centre at
  • Multimedia self-training system in English for banking and finance
  • MIX, a very popular on-line e-zine for young people in Greek at

Innovart is constantly monitoring the technological developments and thus is able to offer the most updated and suitable solutions to its clients. Development environments and tools include for Web authoring and Intranet applications Dynamic HTML, JavaScript, "Active Server Pages", Macromedia Shockwave and flash, Java, JavaServer pages, Java Servlets, XML, SMIL; for multimedia authoring Macromedia Director; for 3D animation Softimage, Apple Quicktime VR audio/video conferencing applications are developed using Real and VideoServer technology and/or MS NetMeeting and CUSeeMe. Finally, database applications utilise ODBC- and JDBC-compliant database systems including Oracle 8i. Delivery platforms are MS Windows NT Server, Windows 9X, Apple Mac OS, Sun Solaris and Linux.

Innovart S.A. has a 3D animation division which is staffed by highly specialised personnel with a very rich 3D animation portfolio, including 3D building walkthroughs. The division is able to produce broadcast quality animation quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

The company has a close collaboration with the Division of Computer Science at the National Technical University of Athens (Image processing lab).

Products, projects and services

    Innovart staff has extensive eperience in the realisation of European programmes (Lingua MELOS, Leonardo da Vinci ELFIBANK, Socrates ODL, 4ODeLios and SocraTESS, Telematics MUSEUM, Esprit "Hypertext Interface For Information", TISSUS, ESSI-FAME, etc.). It is the Greek representative in the TESS network. The URL is

    Here is a short description of the European projects:

    • The Socrates ODL and SocraTESS project develops Internet-based teacher training
    • In 4ODeLios, distant learning modules are developed for students with learning difficulties
    • Lingua Action III MELOS is for multimedia self-learning of medical English
    • Esprit ESSI FAME has been set up for the development of methodologies in the software design of educational and cultural multimedia
    • Telematics MUSEUM is for the development of a common interface for retrieval of ethnographic information from remote data bases via the Internet

Contact information:
Innovart S.A.
Spyros Michailidis, Managing Director
209, Kifissias Avenue
GR-15 124 Athens
Tel: +30-1-74-84329
Fax: +30-1-77-86278

Last update:
Athens, Friday 8th October 1999