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Fundación Intras

Fundación Intras is a private Spanish foundation of which the main activity consists in R&D for the social and health sector. The Intras Foundation is composed of a multidisciplinary team from several areas of professional activities like psychiatry, psychology, management, computers, engineering and statistics, which permits a wide setting in investigation and social-health application areas.

Specialized in:
The intervention areas of the Foundation are:

  • Clinical research in the neuroscience areas: mental health, neuro-psychology, psychiatry, neurology, and psycho-geriatry. This clinical research is applied into social-health, preventives and training programmes for people with brain related disabilities.
  • Investigation and technological development projects. The most important R&D project studies and allows the research and development of a multimedia system which permits cognitive assessment and rehabilitation by an adaptable computer to each cultural environment and population group with cognitive deficit/damage. This computer-based system completed with other standard systems helps in brain training and cognitive rehabilitation in elderly people, dementia, schizophrenia, learning disabilities, brain damage or traumas, etc. The objective of the project is to develop an instrument to improve the quality of life in this population and resolve the attendance's deficits and rehabilitation deficits widely common in such population groups.
  • Evaluation of assistencial services, social programmes and social-sanitary services and programmes' advice. This initiative shows up the evaluation services in Social Guarantee programmes to scholars with some Special Education Needs and the insertion of this collective in labour schemes.
  • Training courses: postgraduate training, Worker's Continuous Formation in the own areas of the Foundation, Teacher's Formation, Open School, Selection and training of new personal to work in social-sanitary activity areas.
  • Assistance in psychologic, psychiatric, psycho-geriatric problems. Psychologic and neuro-psychologic evaluation. Cognitive rehabilitation.
  • Consulting in social, social-sanitary, and mental health areas. Normative, organisational, management, protocols, projects and assistant evaluation. Technical help, architectonic designer and projects supervision, and assistencial quality.
  • Book editing, monograph and adjacent documents in accordance with the Foundation's objectives.
  • Documentation centre management. The Foundation has a documentation centre about social-sanitary, investigation and evaluation themes.
  • Help and advising in mental health and social services work searching.

The mission of Fundación Intras is to improve the quality of life of certain disadvantaged groups among the European population through the development of innovative systems and processes within the social and mental health field.

Among its staff, the Foundation has got a whole innovation and development team specialised in object aimed programming, multimedia and telematic processes and control. Fundación Intras is also a promoter of different technology and health projects financed by the European Commission.

Fundación Intras holds its own R&D department dedicated to develop high technological and innovative projects applied to social-health areas. The major current activity deals with a multimedia computer-based tool for neuro-psychological evaluation and rehabilitation, and the development of its telematic control.

One of the services offered by Intras is the Brain Damage Clinic for cognitive assessment and rehabilitation in persons with brain trauma (accidental), neuro-psychiatric disturbance with brain incidence, accidents or cognitive alterations associated to degenerative illness in the nervous system. To obtain this personal autonomy recuperation objective and to improve the user's quality of life, the Foundation uses two complementary methods: a personalised system of single cognitive rehabilitation and a group system based on ability development programmes to enhance the autonomous life, as well as to increase the self-esteem to facilitate an integrated rehabilitation.

Products, projects and services

    Fundación Intras is involved in the Programme INNOVATION with the Cognihelp Project. This technology transfer and validation project allows a multimedia system for cognitive evaluation and rehabilitation to be adapted and exploited in British and French environments.

    In the ESPRIT Programme, the Foundation collaborates with CDTI/DLR in the Eclair Project for the exploitation of a telematic brain rehabilitation tool in the German market.

    In the PITER Programme, Fundación Intras partners in the Spanish R&D National Plan for research and development on tele-services of brain evaluation and therapy for remote and rural areas.

Contact information:
Fundación Intras
Pablo Gomez, Executive Manager
Santa Lucía 19, 1 Planta
47005 Valladolid, Spain
Tel.: +34-983-399633
Fax: +34-983-217565

Last update:
Valladolid, Tuesday 26th October 1999