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IVD-net GmbH

In May of 1998, IN VITRO DIAGNOSTIC NET was started, which is organized as a virtual community. The resonance that was found in the market was great and the community is growing daily. IVD-net is a distributor of in-vitro diagnostics.

Specialized in:
Virtual Community and Marketplace of Laboratory Medicine

In view of the constantly growing diversity of homepages, IVD-net aims to act as a compass, facilitating quick and easy access to the information and data required in daily laboratory routine. This guidance is being created in a virtual community of specialists and interested people in this field. It is the community of people connected by a common interest in in-vitro diagnostics, in which step-by-step a network of knowledge and experiences is created which each member can benefit from. Membership in IVD-net is free of charge. IVD-net is authentic.

As an alternative to time-consuming searches in a large number of sources, IVD-net offers a centralized and meanwhile firmly established Internet forum devoted to in vitro diagnostics.

A number of suppliers are already using this marketplace for presentations of their products and services. One of the main reasons for doing so is the outstanding target group accuracy with which information presented on IVD-net's web pages reaches users and potential customers.

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Contact information:
IVD-net GmbH
Dr. Martina Dressel
Steile Strasse 1
01705 Freital, Germany
Tel.+ 49-351-6444570
Web site:

Last update:
Freital, Monday 29th November 1999