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Jagiellonian University - II Department of Medicine

II Department of Medicine is part of the University Hospital of Jagiellonian University. It is one of the most advanced medical centres in southern Poland, specialised in the field of internal medicine, with special focus on chest disorders. It acts as referential site for a considerable number of peripheral hospitals of the region.

Specialized in:
The main areas of interest of the Computer Laboratory of II Department of Medicine are:

  • installation of a hospital information system - criteria of selection, cost-effectiveness and implementation, importance of the human factor
  • multimedia use in patient medical records and education
  • Internet-based services for the medical environment
  • promotion of appropriate life style and health issues awareness in the general population via electronic media
  • trends and services offered by IT suppliers for health care institutions
  • realities and benefits from Regional Health Care Networks

The main divisions of the Department are Respiratory Medicine; Allergology and Immunology; Coagulation Disorders; Vascular Diseases; and the Intensive Care Unit. The complex of diagnostic and research laboratories considerably broadens the spectrum of diagnostic option available in the Department.

The main diagnostic laboratories are Invasive Diagnostics of Chest Diseases Laboratory; Division of Radiology with X-ray, ultrasonography and CT facilities (in close time NMR equipment will be available); Pulmonary Function Tests Lab; AngioLab; Stress Tests Laboratory; and a cluster of analytical laboratories (molecular genetics, immunochemistry, mass spectroscopy, flow cytometry, etc.). The complex of policlinics (cardiology, vascular disease, respiratory medicine, allergology, immunology) is attended for about 20.000 patients every year.

Such complex institution would not be able to work properly without efficient computer systems. The Computer Laboratory takes care of the development of the IT infrastructure in the Department. Currently, it proceeds with the implementation of a Hospital Information System in the Department. In previous years, the Computer Laboratory, due to participation in two projects focused on analysis of information flow in health care institutions in Poland and the development of information systems (the first financed by the US Agency for Development, the second from PHARE funds), the basis for the implementation of a modern HIS was settled. The structural cabling was installed in the institution and then a Unix-based network was implemented. In this environment, the staff of the Computer Laboratory initiated the implementation of the HIS.

Products, projects and services

    Since several years, the Department acts as co-ordinating centre for the European Network for Aspirin-induced Asthma. The main activity of the project consists in collecting data on the course of a specific type of asthma that is triggered and exacerbated by ingestion of aspirin. Currently, there are about 25 university centres from all over Europe that take part in data accumulation or standardisation activities. The Computer Laboratory prepares the Internet-based version of the database that will enable data collection from all co-operating centres.

    The Computer Laboratory staff participates also in the project Enhancing Health Services Impact Through Information Technology (EHSI-IT) focusing on the analysis of the situation in the area of medical informatics (both in the public and private sector) in CEE countries.

    The development of multimedia and Internet resources for continuing medical education by Polish medical professionals is the next area of activities. One of the examples of this type of work may be the multimedia education programme "Bronchial asthma" developed in co-operation with the Publishing House "Practical Medicine". A further area of activity is the creation of resources for under- and postgraduate education in the field of chest disorders and medical informatics.

Contact information:
Jagiellonian University, II Department of Medicine
Dr. Mariusz Duplaga, Chief of the Computer Laboratory
Skawinska 8
31-066 Krakow, Poland
Tel.: +48-60-4454747
Fax: +48-12-6565786

Last update:
Krakow, Wednesday 27th October 1999