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LBMI - Laboratory for Biomedical Informatics

The Laboratory for Biomedical Informatics in involved in research and consultancy activities, embarking on design and development of medical instrumentations. These activities are mainly conducted in the areas of medical technology for the government sectors and international organisations, such as The European Commission and The World Health Organisation in Geneva.

Specialized in:
telemedicine, medical instrumentation, telepathology

Together with other European partners, LBMI is participating in projects established within the European Fourth Framework programme. LBMI was appointed one of the five international Telemedicine Consultants to WHO, Geneva in 1996 within the ESA/WHO COPINE project. The three major product lines of LBMI include: Biomedical image processing systems, Telehealthcare and Telemedicine configurations. These products which are especially and initially developed for academic purposes have not yet been brought to the market. The laboratory-standard products will undergo industrial treatment before marketing.

LBMI is also involved in the ongoing ELISE II project, including four universities and five companies and institutes. The LBMI Biomedical Image Bank, linked to the sites of other partners across Europe, will provide services to researchers and academic environment.

LBMI organises field tests and demonstrations, both on national and international basis, employing different telecommunication infrastructure and network available. Furthermore, LBMI is preparing to start a Telepathology project linking Europe and Latin America. This is a prerequisite for the Europe/Latin America ISDN Telepathology Services which should be established after the pilot project has been accomplished.

Products, projects and services

  • COPINE project
  • ELISE II project

Contact information:
Laboratory for Biomedical Informatics
Dr. Michael Adeyinka
Mijnbouwplein 11
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31-15-257659
Fax: +31-15-257661

Last update:
Delft, Wednesday 14th May 2003