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Centre for Intelligent Systems in Medicine, Lund University

The telemedical research group at Lund University consists of 15 researchers from the Departments of Clinical Physiology, Theoretical Physics, Cardiology, and the Centre for Mathematical Sciences. The URL is . The partners in the group combine expertise in medicine, artificial intelligence, image analysis, and web-technologies.

Specialized in:
Intelligent methods for decision support systems in medicine.

The group is active in the field of automated analysis of diagnostic images and signals and this collaborative work has resulted in several scientific papers.

Products, projects and services

    A prototype for automated interpretation of diagnostic heart images available via the World Wide Web, the so called WeAidU project. The URL is

Contact information:
Centre for Intelligent Systems in Medicine, Lund University
Department of Clinical Physiology
Lars Edenbrandt, MD, PhD
S-221 85 Lund
Tel.: +46-46-173305
Fax: +46-46-151769
Web site:

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Lund, Tuesday 5th October 1999