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e-Med Company

e-Med Company was founded in August 1999 in response to the market needs in Poland. During the last years, the number of Internet users steadily has increased. It is now estimated that there are about 3 million Internet users in Poland. The growing number of medical professionals and patients is searching for medical Internet resources. There is also the pressure from the medical environment oriented for use and development of professional services in the Internet.

Specialized in:
The main areas of activities targetd by e-Med Company are:

  • Internet-based services for the medical environment
  • Preparation of Web sites
  • Maintaining of electronic publications focused on "hot" medical problems
  • Development of Web sites focused on spreading the awareness of IT use in Polish health care institutions
  • Preparation of electronic education media for the medical society

One of the first tasks undertaken by e-Med Company is an Internet site for the promotion of health life style and behaviour, developed in co-operation with the Foundation for Education in Computer Science and the Polish branch of Soros Foundations.

Another field constitutes the preparation of an up-to-date site to make clear the message on usability and trends in medical informatics. It is supposed to increase the understanding of IT solutions among medical professionals and directors of heatlh care facilities.

Products, projects and services

    Dr. Adam Moskal, director of e-Med Company, has taken part in a few international research projects in cardiology. For e-Med Company, he is working in the area of Internet and telematics in medicine.

Contact information:
e-Med Company
Dr. Adam Moskal, M.D.
Wyslouchow Str. 2/16
30-611 Krakow, Poland
Tel.: +48-60-2437987
Fax: +48-12-4119216

Last update:
Krakow, Thursday 28th October 1999