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QUB: Queen's University Belfast - Institute of Telemedicine and Telecare

The Institute of Telemedicine and Telecare is the first such establishment in the UK. Its prime functions are to promote research, development and education in the newly emerging disciplines of telemedicine and telecare.

Specialized in:
Telemedicine and telecare

A major aim of the Institute is to pilot the use of new and emerging telecommunication technologies with the aim of improving health care in the NHS and elsewhere.

There are exciting telemedicine opportunities in the primary care sector at present and the Institute is currently conducting a number of telemedicine pilot trials in the UK and abroad. These include a minor injuries service (between Belfast and London), remote foetal ultrasound scanning (between London and the Isle of Wight) and an international multicentre trial of teledermatology (at several sites in the UK and New Zealand). In the longer term, telecare in the patient's home may become an important method of health care delivery and experiments involving PSTN-based videoconferencing to the home are currently in progress.

Products, projects and services

    injuries service, remote foetal ultrasound scanning, international multicentre trial of teledermatology, telehome care

Contact information:
Queen's University of Belfast
Institute of Telemedicine and Telecare
Dr. Richard Wootton
Grosvenor Road
Belfast BT12 6BA
United Kingdom
Tel.: +44-1232-263366
Fax: +44-1232-238400
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