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Sadiel S.A.

SADIEL S.A. is a Spanish company which covers a very wide range of activities and services, in Telecommunications and Information Technologies. Sadiel has played a leading role within the European Commission projects in the Telematics Applications Programme and has been project leader for some Health Telematics projects such as HECTOR, PROREC and LABORTEL. In turn, it has been partner of WETS, PACE, EEVE and others.

Specialized in:

  • Software design and development
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial design
  • Telemedicine
  • Hospital information systems
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Information Technologies for Health Services. This area was created in 1986. Acting as an "outsourcing" enterprise, we provide all the support services for the IT Department of the Andalusian Health Service and others, both in the specific Health Information System (Primary and Hospital Care) and in the General Managerial and Administrative aspects. We have developed for our clients programs like: vaccination control, metabolopathies follow up, Public Health alert systems, pharmacotherapeutic profiles system, chronic kidney failure and kidney transplant system, Primary Healthcare Center Management System, etc. for Primary Health Services. Within Hospital Information Systems we provide, customize and give maintenance to different integrated systems already developed by various companies in more than 12 hospitals. With an EIS tool we support the Inter-hospital Information System of Andalucía for the Health Department Management. We conduct training activities for health professionals on the Health Information Systems (Spain and Central America).

Products, projects and services

    • Information Technologies management for the Public Sector: it does strategic design for the IT plans for the Public Administrations and all of their different Departments. It assess and evaluates Hardware and Software to be used in the Public Administration as well as development plans for IT, mainly on the administrative side: Accountability, Budget Information System, Payrolls, Human Resources Information System, Agricultural Information System, Tourism, Regional Networks, etc.
    • Andalusian Center for Industrial Design (CEDIAN). In connection with the Regional Development Agency it is a tool for the improvement of the Industrial Products, process and productivity and of course for all the training activities, besides the assessment for the acquisition and introduction of the Industrial Design and new Technologies. The new projects are related to the development of complex cartographic information systems (G.I.S.) (Environment, mining, water supply, draining, electrical supply, etc.) and numeric control machines programming for the aircraft industry.
    • Consultant Office for singular and great events. Not only in the IT area where we cover the services of Access and Control (Smart Cards), Information Systems for visitors and participants, Sales Terminals, Operative Control Centre, but also in all the main organisational and special Projects concerning Telecommunications, Intelligent Buildings, Facility management, etc.
    • Telecommunications and Computer Science, devoted mainly to the Private Sector with the development of customised solutions for enterprises. Collaboration in the design of I.T.T. plans. Diffusion Centres for Telematic Application for SMEs. Participation with International consortia for R & D projects for the E.U. Commercial agreements signed with companies or institutions in Europe and Latin America.
    • EC projects. SADIEL was the co-ordinating contractor for the Concerted Action on Electronic Health Care Record for the AIM Office (MEDIREC). SADIEL is also Project Leader of three projects of the Fourth Framework Program, HECTOR, LABORTEL and PROREC and partner of WETS, EEVE, PACE and others.

Contact information:
Sadiel S.A.
Roberto Rodríguez Liñán
Avda. Isaac Newton s/n
41092 Sevilla, Spain
Tel: +34-9544-88100
Fax: +34-9544-88101
Web site:

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Sevilla, Thursday 7th October 1999