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Serco Usability Services

Serco Usability Services comprises a small team of 6 consultants who offer expert consultancy in the design and evaluation of interactive systems, such as web sites and multi-media products. All the consultants have at least 5 years experience in designing and evaluating interactive systems, as well as post-graduate qualifications in Human-Computer Interaction.

Specialized in:
Serco Usability Services contributes knowledge and expertise on the methods and tools needed to develop systems which are easy to use and which better match both business and user needs. These methods and tools were developed as part of the MUSiC, INUSE and REPECT projects. In the ESPRIT TRUMP project, Serco is currently applying these methods in the UK Inland Revenu and at Israel Aircraft Industries. They are equally applicable to the field of telemedicine.

Serco Usability Services has considerable expertise in the design and evaluation of new media products. They have evaluated publishing sites such as the Internet news service of the BBC, electronic commerce products, interactive kiosks and hand-held communication devices. They were also involved in the strategic re-design of the Web site of the National Physical Laboratory, and are currently designing a Web site for the National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux.

Serco Usability Services has a wide range of clients across Europe. These include government departments such as the Employment Service and the Inland Revenue (UK), broadcasters such as the BBC (UK), banks such as Lloyds Bank and the National Westminster Bank (UK), as well as Ericsson (Sweden), Hewlett Packard (UK and France), SOGEI (Italy) and Data Management (Italy). Serco Usability Services is also part of the European Usability Support Centres network, which provides advice on usability to European Industry.

They would like to participate in Framework V projects as:

  1. a subcontractor to provide specialist services
  2. a partner to further develop and apply their methods and services
  3. part of a network

Products, projects and services

    The expertise of Serco Usability services is based on over 30 years of leading-edge research into the design of effective interactive systems. Much of the research was carried out at the National Physical Laboratory where the group used to be based, and where the usability laboratory is still located.

    Serco Usability Services has extensive experience of collaborating in European projects. Nigel Bevan managed the MUSiC project which produced methods for usability measurement. These methods have since been widely applied commercially. He was manager of the INUSE and RESPECT projects which provided support for Telematics Applications projects, and set up a network of Usability Support Centres around Europe, URL at . He currently manages the TRUMP project, URL at , which is applying INUSE methods in industry.

Contact information:
Serco Usability Services
Gemma Wisdom, Marketing Manager
22, Hand Court
London WC1V 6JF
United Kingdom
Tel: +44-20-7421-6480
Fax: +44-20-7421-6477
Mobile: +44-468-021-981
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