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Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - Informatics and Telematics Institute

The Informatics and Telematics Institute, situated at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, is a Greek Research Institute which is funded very well (500.000 euros per year for equipment purchase alone) by the Greek government and is independent from the University of Thessalonki, but has close links with its personnel.

Specialized in:
The Institute's Information Processing Laboratory (IPL) is very much experienced in 1D, 2D and 3D medical imaging, and communication. IPL is also very involved in telemedicine research.

The experience of the Institute in 3D is reflected by the fact that its director, Dr. Michael G. Strintzis, is a Guest Editor of the special issue of the IEEE Signal Processing Magazine devoted to 3D and stereo vision, and of the special issue of the IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology devoted to 3D Imaging, and stereo and multiview video coding, which both appeared in 1999.

The Institute's Information Processing Laboratory, headed by Dr. Strintzis, has a great deal of experience in medical image processing and communication as well as telemedicine. Also, the Institute's Medical Informatics Laboratory, which is headed by Dr. Maglaveras, has particular interest and experience in cardiology and telecardiology.

IPL has also lots of expertise in telemedicine where it has developed tools for Computer Supported Co-operative remote medical work and for secure data transfer. IPL is an expert in middleware (Corba) and also has very extensive experience in lossless and lossy coding of 2D, 3D and 4D (moving 3D) medical data. IPL has designed various alternative 3D coding techniques to deal with situations where the 3D object is manipulated (translated, rotated) by a remote user while the visualisation is performed either at the transmitter site or at the receiver site. Finally, IPL has experience with Internet, intranet, ISDN, xDSL, and HFC technologies.

Products, projects and services

    The Institute has gained a great deal of experience in medical image (including 3D image) processing and PACS through the participation in European projects such as:
    • HIM (TEN-IBC)
    • SAMMIE II (Informatics for Health HC 1044)
    • ICCC (Informatics for Health HC)
    • PANORAMA (ACTS 092)
    • and several major national Greek projects (of the order of 1 Meuro budget each).

Contact information:
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - Information Processing Laboratory
Informatics and Telematics Institute
Professor Michael G. Strintzis, director
1, Kyvernidou St.
54 639 Thessaloniki, Greece
Tel.: +30-31-996351
Fax: +30-31-996342
Web site:

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Thessaloniki, Wednesday 27th October 1999