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ZGDV - Zentrum für Graphische Datenverarbeitung

The Zentrum für Graphische Datenverarbeitung was established in Darmstadt in 1984, as a European platform for leading application oriented training, for research, and for developments in the field of computer graphics. As a link between scientific research and business practice, the ZGDV contributes considerably to the technology transfer between universities and industry. In addition, the transfer of knowledge and experience among industrial, trade, and research groups is realised by joint R&D projects. The use of computer graphics as a tool for future training and education is being advanced by the ZGDV, together with its partners from several countries and with GRIS. Special software allows the direct use of computers in support of post-professional education.

Specialized in:
medical application of computer graphics, computer supported co-operative work, graphical user interfaces and their applications, integration of CAD and computer graphics, multimedia interaction techniques, visualisation of environmental data

Jointly supported by the Technical University of Darmstadt (TUD), the Fraunhofer Society (FHG), and numerous companies and institutions, ZGDV promotes the use of computer graphics for training and research. Working groups have been established on a variety of current topics in computer graphics. In 1990, a branch of ZGDV was established in Rostock. This branch's aim was to promote to the eastern part of Germany and also to the northern and eastern European countries.

Training in CAD (especially in architecture and construction engineering) is complemented by supporting the introduction of prospective industrial users to CAD. The offering includes all stages: planning and conception through initial training of the CAD users. In addition, ZGDV is exploiting all areas of applied computer graphics: document processing, publishing, image processing and imaging with special emphasis on medical imaging, Virtual Reality, scientific visualisation, rendering and realism databases and multimedia applications, distributed applications over the network, including mobile computing, teleworking, telemedicine, distributed publishing, remote database access and retrieval, etc.

ZGDV is a not-for-profit organisation and is financed entirely from industrial funds coming from R&D solutions for industrial partners.

Products, projects and services

  • Tele-Invivo
  • Virtuoso

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Zentrum für Graphische Datenverarbeitung e.V.
Computer Graphics Centre
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